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Big-Sur-Lodging.com should be your first stop when planning your Big Sur Pacific Coast vacation. Use this complete directory of Big Sur motels, inns and small resorts to do some lodging comparison shopping MOTELS: list of all the Resorts, Motels, Cabins, Lodges, Inns, and Vacation rentals near Big Sur California or save $$$ and get closer to the Big Sur environment, choose a campground from this CAMPGROUNDS ... list of all campgrounds in Big Sur; every Big Sur eatery is covered in our RESTAURANTS ... Big Sur Restaurant Review and Guide. ACTIVITIES...Traffic on highway one is picking up especially on weekends but the ambiance of the Big Sur often stays tranquil and serene at least evenings and weekdays even after Memorial Day Weekend... pack your patience though... morning & evening fog and the sporadic influx of large numbers of tourists can slow things down but seasonal entertainment and activities can enhance your stay... check the Big Sur/Monterey events calendars for some other exciting Big Sur vacation activity ideas SPECIAL EVENTS...Jan/June 2017.There is plenty going on in Big Sur so get started planning today!

Hi, I am Don Smith author and webmaster of Big-Sur-Lodging.com. I am telling you NOW is a great time to take a road trip on PCH 1 ( Pacific Coast Highway 1) and enjoy the Big Sur; Winter is one of my favorite times to vacation there! The grass is emerald green and the rivers and creeks will get flowing to enhance the natural Big Sur Waterfalls- Click cell phone icon for mobile version the most beautiful natural Big Sur California waterfalls and best falls hiking trails. waterfalls guide mobile ... why not take picturesque hike on one of the waterfall trails open.

I am Don Smith the author of Big Sur Lodging Accommodations and Webmaster of this website. I was raised on this beautiful majestic Central California Coast and have long had a love affaire with the Pacific Coast Highway 1 and the Big Sur Pacific Coast; let me be your guide.

I was raised on this beautiful majestic
Central California Coast and have long
had a love affaire with the Pacific Coast
Highway 1 and the Big Sur Pacific Coast;
let me be your Big Sur visitor's guide...

You may want to pack a picnic lunch and be sure to fill your tank with gas somewhere else before you go. Also think about extending your travel and activities at the ends of Big Sur; there are lighthouses to tour at both ends and to the south try Cambria/Cayucos, it is a good time to visit Hearst Castle and it’s always worth going north on PCH 1 to Carmel/Monterey, or visit west Mexico via the Monterey Bay Aquarium; experience the land, sand and seas of Baja California at one the aquariums latest exhibits“¡Viva Baja! Life on the Edge” a land and sea adventure starring rainbow-colored fishes, iguanas and other amazing animals from Baja's desert, mangrove forests and coral reefs.

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Click for info on weddings in the Big Sur Area, locations, chapels, churches, and wedding professionals like caterers, photographers and florists. Everything you need for your complete wedding in the Big Sur area 93920 from flowers to catering to the honeymoon suite.
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r-Guide/Outdoor-Activities/pg-Camping/Pacific_Coast_Highway_1_Vacation_Drive_Tour_Mile_59_Plaskett_Creek_Campground_jpg.htm" >Plaskett Creek Campground (805-434-1996).

APRIL 10 PRESS RELEASE: Big Sur Village Welcomes Visitors; BREAKING NEWS! Updated April 11, 2017: Nacimiento-Fergusson Road is now open to the public; Public access on Highway 1 coming off Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd will be south to Gorda (PM 10), and north to Limekiln State Park (PM 20).
Highway 1 from the north is opened through Monterey/Carmel south down to Big Sur Station (MON 46.3); From the south on Pacific Coast Highway 1 you can get no further north than the Ragged Point Inn Roadside Motel (SLO PM 72.87). FOR LATEST BIG SUR AREA TOURIST INFORMATION VISIT: www.bigsur.tips
attention icon for important storm damage park and highway 1 closuers messageThere are large fines for going around closure signs & barriers barriers; this is against the law which is enforced, a violation is a serious offense, the... THIS INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE!attention icon for important storm damage park and highway 1 closuers message THE PRECEDING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE!

Looks like a good time to vacation near Monterey/Carmel at the north or entering from south PCH-1 and visiting the southern end of scenic Big Sur is attractive now. One of my favorite winter Hearst Castle tours the wonderful Hearst Castle Evening Tours is ongoing and available also there is a new limited time the Art of San Simeon Tour ; and the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse(805) 927-7361 is offering tours of their grounds and facilities every day except Wednesdays and Sundays. Piedras Blancas elephant Piedras Blancas elephant seals are always up to something; the cute baby seals and sea otters are both around now, see the SEALS ACTIVITIES MONTH by MONTH CALENDAR for the seals routines and look at the new Elephant Seal Webcam to see what they are up to right this second. Ragged Point has the closest restrooms you must stop there to at least check the coastal views anyway. In the tiny village of San Simeon historic Sebastian’s Store features a tasting room for Hearst Ranch Wines and a hamburger /deli-foods joint with big food and burgers made with Hearst Ranch natural free range grass fed beef! Do some exploring and have some adventures along with getting pampered at one of the fine resorts on the scenic Big Sur Coast Highway 1!

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DON'T MISS ... Just a reminder of some of my coastal favorites: Ragged Point is always a must stop on anytime you are in the neighborhood...at the very least stretch your legs and check the California coastal views...In the tiny village of San Simeon at the south end of the Big Sur Coast try McPhee's new menu at Sebastian’s Wine Bar & Burger Joint who still feature Hearst Ranch natural free range grass fed beef and try the tasting room of Hearst Ranch Wines! Do some exploring and have some adventures along with getting pampered at one of the fine resorts on the scenic Big Sur Coast Highway 1!

WHAT TO WEAR... HOW TO DRESS WHEN YOU GO TO BIG SUR CALIFORNIA: The Big Sur area has a large variety of microclimates; weather even in winter is generally mild on the coast but it changes quickly and often so it is best to come prepared with extreme heavy warm clothing and light cloths too...layering is the best way to dress for Big Sur any season; peal clothes off when it warms, pile them on when it starts to get cool or damp.

High - click for Notice of November 19, 2016, Los Padres National Forest fire restrictions dropped to Level II Fire Restrictions; campfires and charcoal fires allowed in designated Campfire Use Sites: outside the sites no campfires, no charcoal fires, portable stoves and lanterns require fire permit to name a few; click for the complete current restrictions, regulations and requirements.
current USFS regulations

The Soberanse fire was started by an illegal campfire !!! DO BE CAREFUL! !! follow the rules, regulations and also note new (11/29/16) fire danger level lowered to II due to rains, fire danger moderate; campfires and barbecues allowed at designated campfire areas...

INFORMATION ON TRAILS, CAMPGROUNDS AND LOCAL STATE PARKS (see the above notice for there are many fire closures): also
Check the Spring Campground Report Click the tent camper to visit Limekiln State Park California Campgroung Page: funny little sleeping camper with his feet sticking out the tent graphic to highlight the reopening of Limekiln State Park and the Limekiln campground!
PRE-CHECK YOUR VENUE! some Parks, Recreation Areas, Trails and Campgrounds have closed or services have changed or are limited because of fires following the prolonged drought, for instance Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and all burned areas are ALL CLOSED .:
Ventana Campground, is back in operation as of last summer. Most parks and recreation areas west of Highway 1 and all to the south like Plasket Creek and Limekiln Creek California State Park's and others are open but could be unseasonably busy because of other closures like Nacimiento Campground and Ponderosa Campground which .
Some places west of the Pacific Coast Highway and to the south you should soon reopen some of the now closed Big Sur back-country so you can... A Night Beneath the Stars on Buckeye Trail! or take a hike up the Salmon Creek Trail.
Before you start any Big Sur adventure you should want phone ahead and to check online and double check by telephone that your desired trails and camping destinations are open and passable. Ventana Wilderness Alliance website is a great resource for all Big Sur area trails (V.W.A. Website) and can check for current conditions and closures via telephone or in person at the Big Sur Ranger Station (831) 667-2315. Personnel are available during normal business hours 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (PST) and have information about hiking, camping, road conditions and more. While in Big Sur you can pick up trail maps, books, posters, and lots of other information. They also have public restrooms. At the more southern end of the Scenic Big Sur Highway you can get help and information via telephone or in person from the Pacific Valley Ranger Station (805)927-4211.

BEFORE YOU GO If you're stuck at home use this photo gallery to help plan your next Big Sur PCH 1 vacation, take a virtual photo road trip up or down the Pacific Coast Highway 1 now Montaña de Oro to Pebble Beach... or head north from San Simeon to Monterey one of Yahoo Travel Ideas of 10 Great all-American Road Trips and National Geographic lists the road trip from Monterey to Morro Bay as one of their Drives of a Lifetime they say the Big Sur Road Trip is “An exhilarating driving experience” also the Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway 1 was chosen #1 of The 20 Greatest Driving Roads in the World by PM Magazine and just recently Fox News Travel Picked Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway 1 as #1 of The Top 20 Places Every American Should See...make a plan...pack your bags...GO! even if you are a WINO... Wine Enthusiast Magazine suggests “California's Highway 1, The Wine-Lovers' Route”.

A scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1 highway closed sign and road barricade to highlight the current highway one closure. It's always a good idea to check Highway conditions; Pacific Coast Highway One, PCH 1, has been describe by Cal-Trans as geologically unstable and there is highway construction, delays and closures:

Photo of rock slide caution sign to highlight the danger of rock slides on Pacific Coast Highway 1 during the winter rainy season; slide ahead CalTrans sign on the side of the highway warning of a slide ahead; click for a larger slide ahead PCH 1 caution danger highway sign.
Slide Danger

PCH 1, Pacific Coast Highway 1 -It is never really safe to travel the scenic Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway 1 during or soon after a rain storm and it is especially dangerous when there has been a lot of rain and the ground is saturated. Although rock slides can happen at any time the more saturated the ground and if there is currently or in the near future a rain storm, especially if it is heavy then the more likely flash flooding and severe rock slides are imminent. It only takes one small falling rock to ruin your day and a one large boulder can end your life! The Pacific Coast Highway 1 remains open unless it is closed by the California Department of Transportation; for current California Highway conditions call 1-800.427.7623, or on the internet you can check California Highway Conditions: PCH 1 and all California Highway Conditions at the California Department of Transportation website Mobile.


This is a "Hyperlink" Table complete with all lodging, motels, resorts, inns and hotels near Big Sur California. CLICK on the motel or resort in the table below for detailed accommodations information and links relevant to that lodging.

Big Sur Campground and Cabins Pacific Coast Highway 1 sign picture , Click for more visitor information about the Big Sur Campground and Cabins amenities.
Big Sur Campground and Cabins
Big Sur Lodge highway sign photograph , links to travel details for accommodations at Big Sur Lodge.
Big Sur Lodge
Big Sur River Inn on Pacific Coast Highway photo , click for visitor services for a stay at Big Sur River Inn.
Big Sur River Inn
Carmel River Inn cottage photograph , Detailed visitor information for the Carmel California lodging accommodations at the Carmel River Inn.
Carmel River Inn
Deetjens Big Sur Inn from Pacific Coast Highway One picture , Find out visitor information for services available at Deetjens Big Sur Inn.
Deetjen's Big Sur Inn
Esalen Institute highway sign picture , Click for more visitor information about the facilities at Esalen Institute.
Esalen Institute
Fernwood Resort on the P.C.H. photograph , Travel details for the lodging accommodations at the Fernwood Resort.
Fernwood Resort
Glen Oaks Motel photo , Visitor specifics for a stay at Glen Oaks Motel.
Glen Oaks Motel
Gorda Springs resort photograph , Click for detailed visitor information on the Big Sur lodging accommodations at Gorda Springs Resort.
Gorda Springs Cottages
Hearst Hacienda Guest Hunting Lodge in Jolon picture , Find out visitor information for the facilities and services available at Hearst Hacienda Guest Hunting Lodge in Jolon, California.
Hacienda Guest Lodge Jolon
Highlands Inn Carmel Hyatt Resort hotel lobby picture , Click for more visitor information about the Highlands Inn Carmel Hyatt Resort.
Highlands Inn Carmel Hyatt Resort
Photograph of the Lucia Lodge taken from Pacific Coast Highway 1 , Click to get travel details for guest services and facilities at the ocean view Lucia Lodge on the Big Sur Pacific coast.
Lucia Lodge
New Camaldoli Hermitage sign by Pacific Coast Highway 1 photo, Click for visitor specifics about a stay at New Camaldoli Hermitage.
New Camaldoli Hermitage
Post Ranch Inn Pacific Ocean View Resort photograph , Detailed visitor information for the luxury Big Sur Pacific Ocean view lodging accommodations at the Post Ranch Inn Ocean View Resort.
Post Ranch Inn
Ragged Point Inn and Pacific Ocean View Resort hotel lobby picture, Click to find out visitor information about accommodations and guest services at the Ragged Point Inn Pacific Ocean View Resort.
Ragged Point Inn and Resort
Ripplewood Resort on Pacific Coast Highway 1 picture , Click for more visitor information about facilities and services available at the Ripplewood Resort Big Sur lodging.
Ripplewood Resort
Photo of a cabin on the Big Sur River at the Riverside Campground and Cabins, Travel details for accommodations at Riverside Campground and Cabins.
Riverside Campground and Cabins
Photograph of yurts and Pacific Ocean View at Treebones Ocean View Resort, Click for tourist information about the facilities and services available for a stay at Treebones Pacific Ocean View Resort.
Treebones Resort
Big Sur vacation rental house photograph , click for detailed visitor information for vacation rental properties, houses and cabins in the Big Sur Pacific Coast.
Vacation Rental Properties
Ventana Inn and Spa Highway Sign Picture , Find out visitor information about facilities and guest services available for tourists at the Ventana Inn and Spa.
Ventana Inn & Spa

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